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With a 14 day delivery guarantee on all projects i get you online in no time.

A Professional, Affordable And Friendly Service

No Fussy Sales Just Friendly REliable Help!

My clients are not computer scientist and i understand this, no matter your level of computer skills i will work with you from the ground up how to use the software i provide until your capable of running their service solo.

I aim to achieve a 14 day minimum delivery on all my projects, ensuring your project goes live asap will be one of my top priorities.

I give top class support to my clients offering 7 days a week support with any technical issues, ensuring my clients services are online and up a minimum of 99% of the time guaranteed.

I can offer a tailor made service just for you, no matter if you need custom built websites, native built apps or one of the most popular cms systems available (wordpress, wix etc...)

Need a logo? if you don't have an existing logo we can provide a logo for your digital presence for you customized for your brand.

Need digital marketing? no problem im experienced in the use of many marketing and analytical softwares available including the most popular google analytics.

Uk Based Developer Worldwide Ambition!

All The Best From Sunny Skegness

Hi im ian, glad you came to visit my website. Im a yorkshire born but, i have lived in the skegness area most of my life and would class myself a adopted yellow belly.

I love networking and tech and thats what lead me to build nldevelopments.co.uk offering websites, apps, digital design and digital marketing to all.

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My Mission!

Powering The Web!

Nld Pos Solutions Skegness And Uk.

I offer tailored online services designed to meet the specific needs of your business, focusing on developing a distinctive digital presence that fits your budget. My expertise spans various frameworks, programming languages, and software, enabling me to deliver comprehensive solutions that are optimised for search engines, thereby boosting your visibility and engagement online. I place a strong emphasis on affordability, user experience, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that the web design and development services I provide are of high quality and aimed at enhancing your success in the digital realm. Let's work together to devise a solution that not only meets your expectations but surpasses them, guaranteeing that your business flourishes in the digital world.


Any Questions?

A secure socket layer connection (SSL) is the industry standard secure connection for web browsers to connect to web servers giving access to websites and apps via a secure connection.The usage of a ssl certificate obtained from trusted providers ensures that the server and browser can identify each other without other machines been able to intercept the connection, this prevents a method of attack known as a man in the middle attack.Most modern browsers will show a green padlock icon on the address bar to show a secure connection is active, also all ssl web traffic will have a 'S' preceeding the http call in the address (https) the s stands for secure.

Yes of course no problem if you dont require our hosting service, you can use any hosting you like (all our packages come with 12 MONTH FREE HOSTING).You paid for your website it yours to do as you please and if you do wish to serve your website somewhere else we will even help you move your website to your new hosting and transfer your domain name.

We offer a free domain name with all our packages but no problem if you allready own your own you can either point your domain to our hosting or transfer your domain to us so you dont have the hassle of handling the technical bits.

Our hosting is scalable to the needs of your project.We start from a baseline of £4.99 a month for a single page static website, and a basic eccomerce or large cms project would have a £19.99 monthly fee.We promise a uptime of 99.2% with our secure hosting and have all the technolgies available to host any web project.

Yes if your project requires the ability to make content and style adjustments to your site then we would advise a content management system (cms) such as wordpress.All our ecommerce packages can be modified via a admin panel which all our customers have access to their own.

Yes of course we can add any functionality you require to any project or with a cms project we can advise on the best plugin for your desired task or even build you a new one to complete the task at hand.

A Hassle Free, Affordable And Professional Service!

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I would love to here about your project.I promise no fussy sales pitches, just good old friendly advice.

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